ProbisAdvisory is a leader in the provision of specialist project management feasibility and construction services to financiers, developers, Government organisations and the construction industry.
Our name Probis is derived from the Latin word for ‘Probity’ and means having strong moral principles, honesty and decency. These values describe how we conduct our business and dealings in all aspects of our affairs. Our focus is on providing to our clients strong deliverables in terms of value for money, consistency and efficiency.
Offering demonstrated hands-on project management expertise, places ProbisAdvisory in the unique position to provide clients with a comprehensive, first-hand understanding of the critical success drivers necessary to deliver major projects.
ProbisAdvisory provides dedicated solutions that offer innovative and results focused service. We know all the elements of project success and ensure that our clients are provided with these every time.

Our Methodology

Understand .  Respect . Deliver .  Excel